Doctor`s Day in India was established by the Government of India in 1991 to be recognized and celebrated every year on 1st of July as National Doctors day. It is celebrated on 1st of July on the birth and death anniversary of the most famous physician of India Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (Dr. B C Roy) to pay lots of honor and tribute. He was honored with the great Indian civilian award called Bharat Ratna on 4th of February in 1961. He was born on 1st of July in 1882 in Patna. This observance fulfills a need to show the doctors and physicians in our lives how important they are to us and how invaluable their treatments are that cure us. The celebrations are indicative of the respect that they command in the lives of their patients and thus obligate them to fulfill their responsibilities as well.
Referring to the work of physicians, Dr. Elmer Hess, a former president of the American Medical Association, once wrote:
"There is no greater reward in our profession than the knowledge that God has entrusted us with the physical care of His people. The Almighty has reserved for Himself the power to create life, but He has assigned to a few of us the responsibility of keeping in good repair the bodies in which this life is sustained."
How truly said by the very great physician.As soon as we are born we all become prone to some type physical illness sooner or later in our life.There arises the need of Doctor.Doctor is always at service.The world has seen and appreciated the very noble and valuable services rendered by them in natural calamities viz; Floods, Sunami, Earthquakes and terrorist attacks.Nepal quake is a recent incident. The pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.If proper medical treament is given our suffering will surely comedown.
Here comes the services of Doctor and his medical team.Doctors are secular they never discriminate people by whom they are approached, on caste, creed,sex, color, race, nationality and profession.They conduct many free camps for treating poor .Even culprits are well treated.They do it as their "HIPPOCRATIC DUTY". I remember one hindi film dialogue wherein in a remote village there was none to attend to one complicated delivery case and all family members including the villagers are reluctant to allow the male Doctor who came from a very distant place inside the labour room since he was a male.Despite resistance Doctor attends to the patient and there is a safe delivery and child is born.Every one then start rejoicing and distributing sweets then Doctor says "Doctor neither he is a man or a woman Doctor is a Doctor."
It is our duty to greet the Doctor and exprees our gratitute. In our Hindu religion Doctor is highly respected and treated like a God.
Doctors should set a tone in line with the philosophy of care of the ward which enables patients to be treated with respect, avoids stereotyping and treats people as individuals.

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