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World`s Best Grand Father


Please Listen what my friend said


(My Grand father)

We in our family we all used to address our grandfather by his name.He was very kind,affectionate,humble,hard working and having pleasing personality. He was a great scholar in Madhwa Philosophy.He wanted me to stay with him at Savanur for studies. I was not interested in staying away from my parents who were at Ranebennur at that time. I only quote three incidents and his positive approach and actions which have impressed me very much at my tender age of 13 while I was with my grand parents at Savanur and are evergreen.
1) One of our land tiller farmer(Raita) at Mannur village was accused of his involvement in some police criminal case and was to be arrested, hearing this my grand father went alone in the mid night by walk to that village which is 6 to 8 KM just to protect this farmer since the accused was innocent. In those days there was lack of transport facility and one has to walk or wait for only one Bus in the morning. Despite his old age he went alone in the darkness in the midnight and saved this farmer.
2) we were travelling in a train when it was just entering the Savanur platform he got up to look for a coolie through the window, some Muslim fellow immediately stood up and peeped through the same window in the result the the Muslim's fez cap was thrown out of the window. Though there was no fault of my Grandfather he volunteered and  offered the Muslim fellow cash to purchase a new fez cap. But that arrogant Muslim insisted for his own cap which was thrown out of a running train. On reaching the platform when train stopped my grand father  walked all the distance on the rail track in search of that particular fez cap and found it and gracefully returned it to that Muslim
3) I studied my SSLC(Matriculation) at Bankikodla(North Kanara District) during the year 1954-1955.My parents were at Haveri.When I was returning after my school holidays my grandfather came to send me off to Railway station,personally carried my steel trunk with pleasure and blessed me that I should get through my exam.Then the coolie charges were very low and though he was quite capable of spending any amount he personally carried my belongings out of his great affection. That was the last time I saw him and by the time I returned after my exam he had attained salvation. When I remember and picture this particular event tears roll down my eyes.
He was really a Great Soul.
World`s Best Grandpa

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