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Raghavendra.Padasalgi Brief Bio-data

Personal Interests

  • I am an Internet "GEEK".
  • Internet is my world. It is a very rich treasure hunt.
  • Surfing is my hobby.Visiting various websites is my pleasure.
  • I like educative and entertaining web pages in general and full screen display web pages in particular.
  • I salute all those web designers and web masters who have created such beautiful web pages.
  • The web is incredible. I love the web. In so many ways it has improved the lives of millions by transforming society, education, culture, community, and commerce. But the most amazing thing about the web is simple yet devastatingly powerful, and the whole reason the web exists in the first place. It’s the humble hyperlink.(Paul Neave)
  • Majority of the people/netizens are surfing the internet to search,online buying, marketing,studying, learning and do many other useful activites. The net is a unique giant service system, for providing anything for netizens. Get self Education and training and to answer/solution to any problem you have by using internet. Internet is a good resource for children.There are many groups/forums comprising of many intellectuals who provide advice/ guidance to any one who consults them.The beauty of it,it is free.
  • 1)Philosophy
  • I am interested in philosophy for the following reasons:
  • i) Philosophy is not a subject of study but a way of studying all subjects.
  • ii)Philosophy is a Science of principles or Philosophy is a First beginning.Seeking after wisdom or knowledge,especially that which deals with ultimate reality.It is also known as a system of principles of conduct of life.
  • iii) Philosophy is a disturber of intellectual peace, not a sedative
  • iv) Philosophy embraces the whole universe both visible & invisible
  • v) The business of philosophy is to prove the great truths of religion

  • 2)Music
  • I am interested in music for the following resons:
  • i) Music is divine
  • ii) It brings us nearer to the reality
  • iii) It gives tranquility and peace of mind.

  • 3)Web Page Designing
  • I am interested in web page designing because:
  • i) It is educative and entertaining
  • ii) It is pleasure to see thousands of web sites
  • iii)It brings the contents of whole world to desktop

  • 4) I am interested in Detective Novels
  • i)It makes me guessing and guessing till the suspense is solved.
  • ii)The art and the job of the detective is so challenging ,I too feel to have such challenges in own`s life to fight against the evil.

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