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Some time back, a few Englishmen, while touring in Germany, came across a gracious little country cottage which seemed to them ideal for the forthcoming summer vacation. On an enquiry they came to know that it belonged to a Protestanat Pastor.
They immediately met him and rented it for the summer.On their return to England one day while discussing the plan of the building which they brought with them for refernce, the lady of the house suddenly perceived that there was no mention of the W.C.She immediately wrote the pastor asking him to indicate the place.
The pastor on receipt of the letter did not understand the abbreviation of W.C. and thinking that the inquiry was regarding "Walls chapel" as Anglican Chapel away some distance from the rented house replied as follows:

Kind Madam,
I appreciate your request and have the pleasure to inform you that the place to which you referred in your letter is "12" kilometres from the house you have rented.This may be rather troublesome for persons who are accustomed to go often and in that case it is advisable to carry eatables and stay there for the whole day.

Some of you can come walking, others in tram or bicycle, and everyone may try to arrive in proper time,so as not to distrub the others.There is seating capacity for 400 persons and about 100 can stand.To aviod the inconvenience of bad smell generated by so many people being together, the air is conditioned.The seats are of velvet.One is advised to arrive in time to find a seat. Children sit beside their parents and if they feel inclined can sing alongwith them in chorus.

At the entrance is distributed a paper( of the programme) and the persons who come at the end of the distribution can use the paper of the neighbour.However they must hand it back at the exit, if possible not crumpled, as it has to serve full one month.Special photogaphers are appointed to take snaps from various positions and these are then published in country journals, so that all intersed can see, with pleasure, various persons fulfiling a very human act.

Believe me, kind madam,
Yours truly,



I married a widow with a grownup daughter. My father fell in love with my stepdaughter and married her,thus becoming my Son-in-law and my stepdaughter became my mother because she was my father`s wife.

My wife gave birth to a son who was ofcourse, my father`s Brother-in-law., and also my uncle for he was the brother of my Step-mother.

My Father`s wife became the mother of a son who was ofcourse my brother. and also my grandchild for he was the son of my daughter accordingly.

My wife was my grandmother because she was my mother`s mother I was my wife`s husband and grand child at the same time, and as the husband of a grandmother is his grandfather, I am my own grandfather.

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