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Raghavendra Internet is my world.
It is a very rich treasure hunt.
Surfing is my hobby.Visiting various websites is my pleasure.
I like educative and entertaining web pages in general and full screen display web pages in particular.I salute all those web designers and web masters who have created such beautiful web pages.

Landing Page

A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.A landing page is a web page that appears when a visitor clicks on a PPC ad or a search engine result link. The home page of a website is not the only landing page; every page in a website has a purpose and is a potential search engine landing page.Landing pages regardless of their purpose are used to give visitors exactly what they are looking for immediately upon entering web site and helps to track website statistics.

My Web Sites.

  • Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta

  • Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta2

  • Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta3

  • rkp

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