Our Family Holy Pilgrimage


Our family deity is Shree.Kukke Subrmanya.Kukke Subramanya is in Dashkin Kannada District(Managalore Dist).It is  530 KM from Hubli.In our family our ancestors and elders have followed a tradition that visit to our Kulaswamy to be undertaken by the entire family.My Grand mother  used to narrate the importance of this holistic visit and the many of our family auspicious functions viz: Chowla(Jawala), Upanayanna(Munjuwe) etc., were celebrated under the lotus feet of Shree.Kukke Subramanyaswami and his blessings invoked before celebrating any Subha karya at our family.

I still remember the first historic pilgrimage undertaken (as narrated by Grandmother)by our Great-Grandfather, Grandparents for celebrating the Upanayana(Munjive) of my father(Krishnamurthy(Sr) at his very tender age of 8.This was about 95 years back(1920). One could imagine the conditions of the road, the very hectic journey due to lack of proper transport, a very thick forest, lack of communication, besides the risk of attack of thieves and wild animals. Ours is a very orthodox family , and  all family members practice a very strict and disciplined way of life as per ShriMadhwa Philosophy. They cooked their own food that too after taking a sacred bath ( Madi) and used to eat only after performing "ShodashaPooja" and offering "Nevidya" to God.My grandmother used to narrate the very important events took place on their historic journey to our Kulaswamy.They started  this journey in a Bullock Cart from our native place Savanur which is 58 KM away from Hubli.They had to carry every thing mainly, the ration, edible oil, kerosene, fodder for the Bullocks,Clothing,Beddings etc.,The journey began with members of the entire family viz: My Great-Grand father,(Shri.Raghavendachar(Sr)),MyGrandfather(Bodarachar), GrandMother(Bhagiratibai),Grandmother`s mother Rangavva(Aayi) myfather(Krishnamurthy(Sr)), my father`s aunt Gangakka(Shiggavi Attya) and of course the Bullock cart driver.

They were forced to halt during night at such place which was safe and where they got better shelter, no lodgings in those days and only few Dharmashala were situated at very few palces and it was again the question of availability.During this journey they lost the correct path and were stranded at "Bababudangiri" (Chickamagalur Disrtict) and had to again return back to the correct path with great difficulty.I do not know how much distance a bullock cart could cover in a daytime and it might have taken  more than 3 to 4 weeks to reach the destination.Now God has blessed us with all the facilites of easy safe and quick transport, communication, lodging and boarding facility and despite this, we grumble and expect still more comfort and facility. I really appreciate  my ancestor`s strong will power , the dedication, determination and above all tension free way of Life and their great historic journey.

Yatra Undertaken:By our family
1920 Krishnamurthy(Sr)(Father)`s Upanayana(Munjive)
1962 Raghavendra & Gururaj`s Upanayana(Munjive)
1973 Krishnamurthy(Jr)(Milind)`s  Annamurtha & Chowla(Jawala) {Best of all Celebrated Shasti Navaratri)
1989 Krishnamurthy(Jr)(Milind)`s  Upanayana(Munjive)
1998 Ketan`s Upanayana(Munjive)
2009 NagaPratistapana and Darshan  (Friday the 10th April  to Monday the 13th April  2009)


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