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Agatha Christie
Queen of Crimes

Agatha Christie, born in 1890, was a renowned English writer known for her detective novels and short story collections. Her works, which include iconic characters like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, have earned her the title "Queen of Mystery." , "Queen of Crimes." Christie's clever plots, intricate puzzles, and unexpected twists have captivated readers for decades. Some of her most famous novels include "Murder on the Orient Express," "And Then There Were None," and "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd." Her writing style and ability to keep readers guessing until the very end have solidified her place as one of the most celebrated mystery writers of all time. Christie's influence on the mystery genre is profound, and her works continue to inspire readers and writers alike.

Agatha Christie - Unveiling Ceremony




Agatha Christie The Queen of Crimes.


I have three treasurers,Guard them and keep them safe.
The First is Love.
The second is never too much.
The Third is never be the first in the world.
Through Love one has no fear
Through not doing too much one has amplitude of reserve power
Through not presuming to be the first in the world, one can develop one`s talent and let it mature.(Agatha Christie)

From my childhood I am an ardent reader of detective stories having any sort of suspense. I started with the Books written in my mother tounge i.e. Kannada.
As a schoolboy I used to fancy, value very much the intelligence, trickyways and daring quality possessed by the detective who would solve all sorts of mysteries.

When I was able to read English I started with SextonBlake.Then I switched on to the Aurther Conandyle.Accidently I happen to see the Book purcahsed by my uncle by name Murder of Roger Ackroyd.The name of the author sounded some what strange to me.I read the book I was thrilled and my excitement grew page after page, reading the plot,the suspense,last solving the mystery impressed so much from that day I started hunting for getting and gathering the Books written by Agatha Christie.I read one by one which were available. It was not possible to get many of her books as I was staying in a small village, which even lacked electricity in those days. As I read her books I became an ardent admirer of Queen of crimes. I liked her style, the very chaste language the suspense, the presentation of the case and above all the development of the characters. All her characters appear to me as live. I am not a critic or a commentator, I am only an admirer. With very great difficulty I got her address and wrote her, I was fortunate to get her reply.I have published both the letters on my web site.

Agatha Christie had written 85 novels, which have been translated into 103 languages.Besides she had written many short stories,plays.Her novels are also published under the name of Mary Westmacott.Her play"The Mouse Trap" an ingenious,entertaining and well constructed murder mystery(based on her story"Three Blind Mice") is staged at London since 1952.It has broken the record for the logest running play in London.The play had been performed in atleast 41 countries.Mr.Peter Saunders has presented Agatha`s most successful plays.Each year on the anniversary of the opening ,production restaged by a new director with the change in the cast.The success of The Mouse Trap is to put it mildly there is a bit of something in it for almost everbody, people of different age groups and tastes can enjoy seeing it.

Who ever said that the crime doesn`t pay couldn`t have taken into account the amazing literary career of Dame Agatha Christie who died at the age of 85 at her home in Wallingford, England.In  the highly competitive crime fiction genre, she established for herself a unique position.Her writing career and popularity spanned more than 40 years and she always managed to retain a sense of topicality. Her well planned plots reflected the changing world outside.From the butler did it  setting of her earlier books she moved with the changing times to accomodate contemporary themes and situations.The 39-45 conflict, the Cold war, Air Craft hijackings and the deadly gambit of esponage and counter esponage have all in turn provided back drops to her plots.To put these plots into the motion she created a refreshingly assorted cast of  charcters.The best of these egg-headed, resplendently moustachioed Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and  the sharp witted  English village spinster, Miss.Marple rank amongst the best known fictional personalities.

The essence of Agatha`s  style and technique was to distil and refine the sordid and violent world of crime to get an entertaining.However she put an end to her most famous character Hercule Poirotin her last novel Curtain, perhaps she wanted to save him from the bathetic fate of being written about by some one else after she was dead..

A UNESCO report in 1962, March stated that Agatha Christie was now the most widely read British authour in the world, with Shakespeare coming a poor second.Any one can imagine her popularity.
Agatha Christie had equal talent even in poetry, she did enjoy relieving her feelings in poetry which shaped a pleasant little lyric poem. I quote what one of her critic has stated about this talent.

"Agatha Christie`s talent for poerty was genuine, but modest and of no startling originality the finest poerty is made not out of feeling but out of words and Agatha Christie was not sufficiently in lovewith words to become a poet of real distinction. She did, however enjoy relieving her feelings in verse and in doing so occasionally produced a pleasant little lyric poem."

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Links ToAgatha Christie Website
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