Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta



(Shri.PurandaraDasaru singing glory of Shri.Krishna)

Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta
Bhakti Movement

During the early civilization when people experienced the presence of the Supreme power they believed in this supreme power and were got convinced that supreme power was great in all repects.They realised that only through the blessings and mercy of this supreme power people were able to achieve something in their lives.To invoke the blessings of this Supreme power they started offering\paying the highest respect both in deeds and in words.These deeds and words gradually shaped in worship(Puja) and prayer (Prarthana)From those days the newcult Called Bhagavat Dharma dawned.

Bhagavat is originated from Sanskrit word "Bhag".Many references of Bhag can be seen in Rigveda.It denotes to the supreme Lord.Bhag i.e. supreme Lord eradicates all the miseries of his devotees.By virtue of possessing this power in him he is named as "Bhagavan" /"Bhagavanta".This path chosen by the devotees/followers was later known as Bhag avat Marga and such followers named as people belonging to Bhagavat Pantha.

Dharma: This is an all-encompassing term representing divine law, inherent nature, path of righteousness, religion, duty, responsibility, virtue, justice, goodness and truth.
The word Dharma though appears to be simple it is very difficult to explain.In short that which brings the happiness ,peace and prosperity is Dharma.Thus the Bhagavat Dharma is one which is religiously followed by the true devotees as per the cannon of Lord.(Dharmasya Prabhu Achuta.)

The word Bhag denotes,richness,dharma(rightneouness)
success,prosperity, intellect and detachment. All these qualities are centered in the Lord, Vishnu.The followers of Bhagavat Dharma always meditate that all his actions are centered towards Lord and whatever actions he does viz.physical,vocal. and intellectual will be directed towards Lord.(Kayena Vaachaa Manasendriyeva budhyatmanava pracrute swabhava Karomi yadyat sakala parasmai Narayanaetisamarpayami). The relation between the Lord and his devotees is that of a Master and Servant.(Swami and Dasa)Here the Dasa means not a Slave.The devotees are the worshipers of the Lord who is the combination of infinite virtues.Hence the devotees are the Dasas or Slaves of infinite virtues i.e the Lord.The devotee enjoys extreme bliss in this state of being a servant(Dasa) to the Lord.Devotee thinks and acts that whole universe is Lord. (Sarvam Vinshnu mayam jagat).There is no differntiaion of caste,creed or sex. Any person whose actions are towards God, he is the follower of Bhagavat Dharma.This embraces universal brotherhood.

There are no concrete and authentic records to show the exact date,time or era when this cult came into being.They named the supreme power as God, Narayana, Hari, Vasudeva, Parameshwara etc.After many years people thought that the mortals are quite different from the immortal i.e. supreme power.Some thought that we are the fraction of that supreme power ,even some thought that we ourselves are the supreme power, (Aham Brahmasmi) These thoughts gave birth to the various school of thoughts viz. Dwaita, Vishistawaith, and Adwaita.Even before these 3 types of philosophic doctrines were preached and practiced the Bhagavat Dharma cult was in existence and was practiced by all the people, which shows that this Bhagavat cult was independent of all the 3 types of school of thoughts and was most religiously pratcised.As this Bhagavat Dharma/cult was most common in all the above 3 types of school of thoughts none have dared to cross this barrier.The prayers gave rise to the development of mystic literature both in prose and poetry.This process continued through generations to generations and century after century.The real Dharma(Rigthousness) is nothing but naturally present within the inner human nature. For this true Dharma no prophet is required.The Dharma which is preached by prophets is not permenat.World has already witnessed the difference between the propagated religions and the natural religion.There is not much progress and development in case of the various propagated religious cults as compared to the progressed impact Of the natural Baghavat Dharma. Which will never diminish or perish.