Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta



(Shri.Narada Muni singing glory of Shri.Narayana)

Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta
Bhakti Movement

The great seer Narada symbolysis the real devotion towards the Lord, always singing the glory and virtues of the Lord Narayana.We have to name the twin brothers Lava and Kusha who sang the original Shri.Ramayana in the sacrificial hall (Yagyashala) of prabhu Ramachandra.This art of chanting/singing the name and glory of the Lord is ancient and traces its origin in Padma Purana.The Bhagavat Dharma or singing the glory of the Lord inspired the devotion among others in the society and poetry was evolved into prose explaining its meaning. It further shaped into an educational Institution and was encouraged. It was under the personal care of the Kings /Rulers during those period. This art was used by the Chanikya to expand the kingdom of Mourya Chandragupta with the help of Keertankars(Persons singing the glory of the Lord).In the process this cult was diluted and Keertanakars started praising the rulers of those days and became the Bards instead of Keertankars.This art temporarily lost its real status.
In the 9th century this cult was brought to its original status by Shri.AchalananadaDas in Karnataka.In south in Tamil nadu Alwars propagated Bhagavat Dharma.In northern India this cult could not be propogated to expand due to frequent Mohammedan invasions and destruction of the literatures.However Shri.Krishna Chaitanya in Bengal and Shri.Tulasidas in northern India again revived and established the Bhagavat Dharma. In Maharastra this cult was revived by Sant Jyanadev,Ekanatha and Tukarama.
In Karnataka right from the 9th century onwards this cult is propagated religiously and systematically by Haridasas.Haridasas of Karnataka the devotees of the Lord have contributed immense treasure of Bhaktiyoga.Haridasas have blessed the whole society to understand the kernel,innermeaning and essence of Indian philosophy contained in the holy scriptures viz.Vedas,Upanishads,Puranas etc. The compositions though appear to be in the usage of the common man ,contains very deep meaning of all Holy Scriptures, which could not have brought to the light or understood by the masses who are ignorant in understanding Sanskrit the divine language.